Lake Hawea Hotel is located just below the large Hawea Conservation Park. Here 100,000 hectares of public conservation land (almost the entire Park) is available for hunting.This includes the entire Hunter River catchment (riverbed excluded), the Young and McKerrow Ranges to the west, and the Dingle and Timaru Rivers to the east.Species present are red deer, tahr and chamois.

Not far away, the Lake Wanaka hunting area comprises some 20,000 hectares in the Craigie, Albert, Minaret and Rumbling Burn western tributaries of the lake, and Matatiaho Conservation Area to the east of the lake.  Species present are red deer, fallow deer, pigs and chamois.  The Lower Matukituki Valley hunting area consists of 7,000 hectares of public conservation land on the slopes to the east of the river, from Junction Flat in the East Branch down to West Wanaka.  Species present are red deer and chamois.  The Mount Aspiring National Park (east of the Divide) area is over 185,000 hectares and stretches all the way from Haast Pass/Tioripatea in the north to the Route Burn in the south, taking in on its way major catchments such as the Makarora, Young, Wilkin and Dart. The forest is predominantly beech, giving way as altitude increases to sub alpine shrub land, snow tussock and glaciated bare rock and snow. There are numerous guides in Lake Hawea and Wanaka including: Glendene Station  or  Chris McCarthy of Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris.