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Wedding Venue in Wanaka and Hawea

Picture perfect Lake Hawea will create an impressive backdrop for your special day, making it the ultimate affordable wedding venue in Wanaka. Lake Hawea Hotel, Wanaka, can help you in organising your wedding.

Lake Hawea Hotel, Wanaka, can help you in organising your wedding. 

We can provide your venue, catering and accommodation in Wanaka.

Everything is on site which reduces the stress and cost for both you and your guests. We can create a wedding to suit every budget. Information is provided in our Wanaka Wedding Information Guide. Please fill out this enquiry form and bring it along with you when you come for your meeting at the Lake Hawea Hotel, or fax or email to us.

Some more details regarding Wedding Venue Pricing for Accommodation click here Please read the Hawea, Wanaka Wedding Venue Terms and Conditions of holding your wedding at the Lake Hawea Hotel.